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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Even Superman needs to have his vision checked!

Even Superman needs to have his vision checked!

The American Optometric Association recommends having an eye exam every one to two years.  Eye exams are necessary for prescribing glasses and contact lenses and for diagnosing and treating infections, diseases, and conditions.  Having regular eye exams is a critical component in detecting eye diseases or problems in their early stages when they are often still treatable.  Annual eye exams can diagnose a variety of eye conditions early on and are the best way to preserve good vision.   Many debilitating eye conditions can be diagnosed before noticeable symptoms occur, potentially making the difference between minor damage and major vision loss.

What can I expect at my general eye exam with Dr. Taylor?

  • 45-minute, comprehensive, personalized exam

  • Assessment of eye health and changes in vision

  • Review of your total health, including medical history and medications

  • Accurate prescriptions for eye glasses and contact lenses

  • Recommendations for eye glass frames and lenses